Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gilmore Girls Plus Twin Peaks Equals Love Forever

As I'm writing this, I've just learned that we landed a robot ON A COMET. Anything I write after this is pretty much meaningless because human beings figured out how to land something we built ON A COMET. But, let's face it, everything I write and you write and everyone writes is meaningless when compared to science. The meaning it has is whatever we give it. Which can be a lot and heavy and poignant and maybe not a robot surfing on a comet but pretty awesome anyway.

So, let's talk about Gilmore Girls.

Haha, I never thought I'd type that sentence. People have been telling me to watch two shows for forever: Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks. For the last couple of months I have been all about distracting myself from reality. I mean, more than usual. So that has equaled reading a bunch of awesome books and watching great movies and diving into TV series I should've watched by now but just didn't. (Now that I'm thinking about it, the books I've read and films I've seen lately deserve their own post. Watch this space for that.) But, this one is all about Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks because watching them at the same time is a mind fuck, you guys. A lovely intense mind fuck.

When people told me to watch Gilmore Girls, I would just say "OK." I would never reveal to them that I was in a focus group for the pilot of Gilmore Girls and HATED IT. I thought it was syrupy gross derivative bullshit and the cherry on top was that I abhorred the leads. I just had no interest and I was disgusted that it ran so long and that so many smart awesome people I knew loved it.

Twin Peaks was a different story. When it aired, I wanted to watch it badly. But my parents wouldn't let me and I was at an age where I was spending every night at our local community theater, either rehearsing or sitting in the catwalks brooding about boys I liked. There wasn't a friend I could have dvr it for me. I couldn't watch it on my phone at the coffee shop at lunch. (I didn't have a phone or a coffee shop.) And then later, when I was in charge of what I watched, I became worried that watching 2 seasons and then never finding out who killed Laura Palmer would drive me insane. I need things to finish. I'm the worst at this. This is why I haven't started reading Game Of Thrones and will not until George R.R. Martin finishes the series. I have a fear that something will happen, he won't finish and I'll be frustrated for the rest of my life. It's all about me.

Recently two things happened: Gilmore Girls popped up on Netflix and Twin Peaks announced a forthcoming new season. It seemed like the universe was handing me them on a platter. Hey you, I know life is hard right now but lookie, you can watch this shit! So, I dove in. I'm in the middle of Season 3 of Gilmore Girls and the middle of Season 2 of Twin Peaks. It's put me in an interesting head space. I'm talking fast and quippy and craving coffee but also having dreams about midgets and deeply wishing someone in my neighborhood carried around a piece of wood. It's messing with my psyche. Twin Peaks episodes are about everything and Gilmore Girls episodes are about nothing. I mean, maybe Rory has a misunderstanding with her friends or Lorelei can't order pizza for a week and gets adorably agro. But mainly, it's just amusing and sweet while Twin Peaks is deep and disturbing. But, I'll tell you something. Together, they are PERFECT.

I don't know what changed for me about Gilmore Girls. Possibly it's simply that when I first saw it I was surly, in my early-twenties and quite probably hungover. Maybe it's that I've mellowed or that as I've gotten older I have more tolerance for mainstream stuff. I think I would've loved Twin Peaks even more if I'd seen it when I was fourteen and full of ennui.

It would be easy for me to dismiss Gilmore Girls. In the first season, I noticed one episode where you can clearly see a mic over Lorelei's head. I watched a scene where the coffee mugs in Luke's change from pink to blue back to pink again at least four times in a row. Not to mention the trite plotlines. And, you know, it's cheesy. It's eye-roll inducing. But it's also wonderful. And there's Lane and Sookie and the mom. I love the mom. I love it when she's mean to Lorelei. I'm hooked.  As for Twin Peaks, it is exactly perfectly BRILLIANTLY down my alley. It's all things I like in my TV. Well, except so far no vampires. But, I'm so happy to finally be experiencing it. Thank you, Netflix.

So those are my TV recommendations, you guys. Take at least five minutes to marvel over the fact that we landed a robot on a comet and then grab the remote and dive in. I recommend a 2 GG to 1 TP ratio for perfect viewing harmony. Oh, and make sure you fast forward through the theme songs because if the combo of watching Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks at the same time doesn't send you spiraling into the existential abyss, the theme songs for sure will.  Also, please watch this amazing mashup of the openings. OHMYGAWD.

Happy viewing and Happy Wednesday!

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