Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Koozies, Y'all

Hi and Happy Throwback Thursday! I've had a terrible week full of fender benders, misunderstandings and sickness. I've even lost my voice. Yay! Mercury in retrograde is something I've always scoffed at when people warned me about it. Yeah sure the stars are going to make my life chaotic for two weeks. Oh right like the position of a freaking planet has any effect on my life whatsoever. Yeah. Whatever, dude. And then this week happened and now I'm kinda like ohhhh. Like how I don't believe in ghosts only I'm pretty sure I saw one once. (He was wearing a hat!)

Anyway, it was in this crazy sick frame of mind that I found this photo. When I helped my parents pack up their place in April, we found an old photo album of mine. It had a sparkly Hawaii sticker on the front and my name in marker on the inside cover. It was full of class photos of my friends and pictures I'd taken in Hawaii when I was ten. It also contained this photo of my grandparents, my dad and my sister. I'm so glad I flipped through that album!

I talked to my mother about this pic. Here is what we know for sure:
  1. This was taken at a lake house somewhere in the state of Texas.
  2. My Meemaw and my Papaw look absolutely perfect in this pic. The way they are dressed and the age they are is exactly how I picture them in my brain when I think of them, which is often. I miss them terribly. 
  3. My Papaw is drinking a Sprite and my Meemaw is drinking a Dr. Pepper. Both of them have their sodas in koozies because Texas. I never saw my Meemaw drink anything but Dr. Pepper or coffee my entire life.
  4. That lake house is yellow.
Here is what we think is probably true.
  1. My dad, up there on the deck, is probably eating an ice cream cone.
  2. My sister probably just did something wrong.
  3. I most likely took this photo and that is why it was in my awesome album. Check out the composition!
  4. They are looking out onto the lake. We think we were there with my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Kregg and all of our cousins so maybe they were out there being silly. I believe this to be true.
  5. That light bubble in the lower left corner is the spirit of a baby who died at that lake house in the 1800s from laughing too hard. He really wanted in the photo.
Okay, that's what I know and what I think I know. I love this photo. Hope you have a great Thursday!

*photo by me I mean probably.