Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Dessert Number 5

I found a lot of little treasures at my parents' house last month. One whole box was just full of report cards and certificates of achievement (Best Attitude, anyone?) and another was full of Barbies in various stages of undress. (I'd put gogo boots on Cameo Barbie, lol lol lol, so creative!) But the thing that made me squeal the most was this menu from the amazing restaurant, "Kendra's Place." It was a really down to earth type of joint with good food run by regular folks, ya know? The menu was stock full of fine dining options but it was the dessert section that really amazed me. (Or should I say the 'desert' section. Anyway, here's DESERT NUMBUR 5:

The next time someone accuses me of not being my "true self," I'm gonna whip out this menu. I am a grown ass woman who replaces meals with popcorn several times a week. But, look, clearly I come by it naturally. Clearly I was a super normal little girl whose idea of a kick-ass dessert was pizza flavored popcorn.

So, nothing's changed. Well, my spelling is maybe ever so slightly better (spellcheck) and bubblegum flavored popcorn wouldn't necessarily agree with my oh-so-mature palate now. (Well, maaaybe post happy hour.) But, don't be fooled by the Ewoks that I got, I'm still Kendra from the block.