Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: To Throwback Or Not To Throwback

This is as outdoors-y as I've ever been in my entire life, ya'll. I'm glad this photo exists as evidence. I'm not sure where I am but I am clearly nowhere near my hometown. The only water for miles around my hometown is filled with chlorine and floaties. I do know that this is sometime in the mid-80s and I am fishing pretty much just to impress my dad. He knows what he's doing. He goes on, like, actual trips to Mexico just for fishing. He bought my sister and I baby fishing poles and took us out a few times. Pretty sure I made that face the entire time. (Click on pic to enlarge.) It's the face I now reserve for strapping on complicated high heels or putting on gel eyeliner.

I was not into fishing. Even then, I was aware that my astrology sign was Pisces and fishing seemed a gross betrayal of my peeps. Also, I didn't even eat fish. Not even catfish and that's pretty much a sin in Texas. At Red Lobster I'd wrinkle my nose at everyone's sea food platters and eat the hush puppies. Instead, I worried a lot about the fish themselves. I mean, here are their options: 1) escape my I think it's called a lure maybe? 2) get hooked and then thrown back or 3) be fried up for dinner.  Of the preceding options, I strongly felt like NOT getting hooked at all was the best bet. I wondered what happened to the fish we threw back. Were they marked for life? Did it hurt? Even though I was thrilled to not be killing or eating the creature, I stressed out a lot about putting him back in the river with a hole though his face. To me, it was the equivalent of being kidnapped. Sure, I'd be super relieved if the kidnapper brought me back to my family but having a big hole through my lip would totally suck. Better to just not get kidnapped to begin with.

So, yeah, I'm not very good at fishing. But, look at those boss pigtails!

*Photo by my mom, probably. At the yard sale we had recently, she sold no fewer than ten million old cameras.