Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 70s Party Time Bunny

In keeping with this week's theme, this is a photo of my second birthday. I texted it to my mother and asked "Is this my first or second birthday?" because, look, I had a lot of hair early on and I just wasn't sure. (There's also this pic that looks around the same age so I was confused.) She texted back "Yes, there are two candles," because she's Sherlock. What she didn't text but probably thought was, Sure, suuuure it was your first birthday! You were an amazing baby, able to sit in a big girl chair, rock Downton Abbey hair and give baby bitch face all by the time you were one!

I don't remember this, of course.  But, it was obviously a good party because: 1) cake 2) presents 3) punch 4) weird candle thing 5) ceramic pink girl on cake that later sat on my dresser looking cute for a decade 6) creepy inflatable 70s party time bunny.  So, yeah, rager!

The best thing though is my expression. I think I look scared or maybe exasperated. I look worried. I'm probably bothered that everyone is looking at me. I'm probably wondering if my life is going to end up awesome. Maybe I'm thinking about that party time bunny killing me in my sleep.

Most likely I just want to get at that cake.

*late 70s photo by one of my parents, probably.