Monday, February 10, 2014

Crazy Birds

You can see a lot out of the windows of our breakfast nook. That's why it's my favorite room in the house. (Plus, it's super close to the food.) Yesterday, because of insomnia, I saw the sun rise pink and gorgeous over the hills. Today, while I was sighing and chugging my tea, I saw a giant squawking flock of birds.

The birds were making a figure-8 in the sky, going one way and then looping around as if they'd suddenly changed their minds and then flying the opposite direction.  This went on a total of five or six times. A happy optimistic type person would notice this occurring and think, Oh how pretty. And, you know, it was pretty. Birds are graceful little things and what they were doing outside my window was straight-up Olympic shit.  A super happy person would maybe laugh and think, Those birds are having a great time. They were flying just for the sake of flying, making playful bird noises at each other.  It was a regular bird party. (At this point I'm picturing them hitting tiny bird kegs and wearing mini leather baseball caps.  Sorry.  There's seriously something wrong with me.) But, instead of thinking it was pretty or funny or nice, my first thought was: The birds have gone crazy. Probably from some sort of environmental issue. The birds have been poisoned and now they're just going to fly in a figure-8 forever and ever and not get anywhere. Clearly this is the end of the world.

I'm not sure what this says about me. Am I a crazy bird?

But then the birds stopped the whole flying back and forth thing and flew away and I had time to reflect on the sheer CRAZY of my assumption, which made me laugh. I then had the two other thoughts, the thoughts normal people probably would've had off the bat. Oh how pretty, I thought. They were just playing, I thought.

So all day I've been thinking about perception and how much it affects us. Or, how much it affects me personally because, you know, I'm all about me and, well, this is my blog, you guys. Sorry. Can you turn negative thoughts -even if they're your honest-to-god natural instinctive reactions- into positive thoughts?  Can I look at what seems like a flock of batshit crazy birds and think, Why, how lovely, and then maybe shoot a couple of rainbows out of my ass?  I've been trying this one out and I'll admit it makes me laugh. But, does it work?

I dunno but I'm going to try it.  So far today, I tried turning the nausea in my stomach into, well, at least I won't eat too much popcorn again tonight and a homeless dude spitting at  me into, whoa, I sure do see crazy things in the big city!

Maybe I need a little more practice.