Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Cowgirls and Cowboys

Did y'all know I'm from Texas?  I look at this photo and it makes me laugh.  I didn't know at the time that there was much of a world outside of Texas except for London (because of Mary Poppins) and wherever the hell Rydell High School was (because of Grease).  I certainly had no inkling that other states didn't make their students take semester after semester of, say, Idaho history.  I thought it was completely normal for every single school program to be about the Lone Star State.  I kept my Cowboy boots nice and shiny for recitals and dances and holidays.

Some things about this photo:

  • No, I have no clue what we're singing, although I think it might have been "Deep In The Heart Of Texas" because I know verses of that song no one should know.
  • Yes, I am wearing cowboy boots.  We were supposed to dress prairie style and the only challenge that presented was deciding which of the twenty prairie-style dresses in my closet I should rock that night.
  • That boy was named David and I remember I found him infuriating.  I could've had a crush on him or I could've legitimately hated him, I honestly don't know.  I'm sure he was a perfectly nice kid, I was just a little insane.
  • I'm sooooooo glad I didn't have to wear a bonnet like that girl in the front row.  I mean, kill me now, right?
  • When I look closely in the background I can see people I'm still in touch with to this day which just cracks me up so hard.  Everyone looks like they're being tortured!  Why do we make children perform constantly?  Some of them love it but I'd say 90% of them are plotting our murders.
*photo by my mom in the all-cool Rusk Cafetorium.