Thursday, December 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The Stocking

I haven't blogged for a week so there's going to be two Throwback Thursday posts in a row.  THE SHAME.  But, I can't skip a Thursday in December because I have literally ten billion old holiday photos that my mom scanned.  (That "literally" was for my smart friend Dawn.  She loves it when I do this.  Hi, Dawn!) If you look back at our old photos, they're mainly in front of a Christmas tree or around a Birthday cake. Sometimes we're clutching an Easter basket.  Not many pics of us just hanging out and there's weirdly no selfies of my mom in a bathroom making duck face.  So strange.

But, anyway, this is one of those ten billion Christmas pics.  I love everything about it.  I love that we're still wearing our dope Strawberry Shortcake pajamas but someone has clearly done our hair because look at that trendy red yarn!  And look at our loot.  (Click the photo to enlarge.) Pistol has a tiny Huckleberry Pie doll and I've got a Barbie (or a Skipper maybe) and a cool jump rope and, um, maybe a yo-yo?  Cool! I even love the pile of toys in the background.  Someone got a truck and someone else got a Mickey Mouse head! Nice.  I love the shag carpet and that giant chair in the background.  (It was the best chair ever.  I wish I had it today. So good for reading or pretending it was a boat.)  But mainly I like that I've had that stocking my whole life.

When Tim and I got married, we didn't see any reason to buy decorations so we asked our parents for our old stuff.  We eventually broke down and bought some decorations.  We have a $19.99 Target tree and some pink and silver skinny tree things from Crate and Barrel that my friend always says look like festive butt plugs.  We have a couple of newish ornaments (a taxi from London and an R2-D2, a hedgehog in a Santa hat I won at a party) but mainly our tree is decorated in ornaments from our childhood:  Strawberry Shortcake, Dallas Cowboys, glittery pineapples and ceramic cowboys.  And we still hang our childhood stockings that were handmade by my mother and either Tim's mother or grandmother. (The jury is out on Tim's but someone made it with love.)  I love that.

Here's a pic of our stockings now.  That's Hogan McSmalls' in the middle.  This year I'm thinking I should fill it with popcorn.

Happy decorating and Happy Throwback Thursday!