Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The Saddest Reindeer

Happy Throwback Thursday!  Here is Hogan McSmalls dressed as a reindeer at Tim's parents' house just seconds before getting humped by a chihuahua mix named Ginger. (Look at her face!)  He's already sooooo miserable and it's about to get even worse.  Poor dude.

But, we had to do it to him.  His human auntie, Stacey, bought this outfit for him for Christmas.  (She calls him her "Poochie Nephew" so he calls her his "Human Auntie." It's hella cute, you guys.)  Anyway, Stacey was kind enough to pick him out a dope outfit so he had to wear it.  He looks like Ralphie from A Christmas Story in the bunny suit.  He's just so sad and pathetic.

This is how we figured out he hates having anything on his head.  We can dress him up as a hotdog or a skunk.  I can wrap scarves around him or put him in my old tank tops and he's nonchalant, stoked even.  He's perfectly happy wearing pretty much any horror I can think up as long as his head is left alone.

But, he rocked it for a good five minutes before I took mercy on him and took it off.  And he brought us so much joy in those five minutes, I can't even tell you.  Plus, we have this photo.  And this photo is one of my favorites of all time so thank you, Stacey, and thank you, Hogan McSmalls.

*Photo by me.  Some of my best work, imo.