Thursday, November 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The Graduate

I've grown three inches since this photo was taken.  I  know.  That's not supposed to happen as an adult.  And I was an adult there.  Officially.  This was taken minutes after my high school graduation.  I think I was a tad shy of 5'3".  I look even shorter in the other pics from that day because I'm next to my friend Max, who is exactly thirteen feet four inches tall.  Doctors say you stop growing after your teens but I grew several inches in college.  It must've been all the beer and pizza.

In every picture I have from this year (save prom), I'm wearing black.  There's a photo marked "Easter" and I'm in a black dress and black eyeliner.  This particular dress is from Mervyn's.  I remember my mom taking me there for my graduation dress.  I got to pick out whatever I wanted and I even got shoes (with little bows on them, so Heathers) to match.  I wore this dress through college and even temping in Los Angeles after I'd moved.  It was a good dress.

It was mother hot that day.  The West Texas sun was beating down so I'm squinting like I'm high in every pic.  I actually wasn't high, though.  No really, I wasn't.  Just happy and overwhelmed and without sunglasses for some reason.

I remember thinking at some point during the photo taking craziness that all my hard work was done.  All the high school bullshit, all the theater drama, all the late nights rehearsing and then writing reports. All the terrible jobs.  Surely college and then life would be way easier.  Surely I'd glide through it.  I'd have hundreds of nice black dresses and I'd always remember my sunglasses.  Everything would be 80% easier as an adult.


*photo by probably my mom but, let's face it, it could've been my sis, Pistol so let's give her some props, you know she was soooo bored during that dumb ceremony.