Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Polly Wolly Dorkle

It's Thursday and I'm throwing it back to what I think was 1st grade.  I don't really remember how old I was but I know the dance was a tap number to a little ditty called "Polly Wolly Doodle."  That's me in the center there, of course.  Guarantee you I'm the one doing the steps right because I was insane about it.  Completely 100% a tiny OCD dance Nazi.  One year I couldn't participate in the recital because I hurt my leg.  I sat in the audience and giggled because my class left a space for me and kept glancing toward the middle where I was supposed to be.  I was obnoxious but at least I knew whether we were supposed to be turning or shuffle-ball-changing.

This photo brings up a bunch of questions for me.  Why is my hat on differently than everyone else's?  Why do we all have exactly the same color of hair?  Why am I so tall??  I'm almost 5'6" nowadays.  Definitely not short but not exactly tall.  When I graduated high school I was about 5'3".  I look tiny in all the pics from those days but then again I was usually standing next to my pal Max who is so tall we called him Wookie. But, I guess I was tall in elementary school. I should've enjoyed it while it lasted.

I look like I'm having fun because I was.  I looooooved it.  I loved the classes, the costumes, the recitals, the terrible blue eyeshadow and the glitter sprayed on my hair.  I stayed in dance until high school and then did dance competitions until my parents' shelves were crowded with gaudy dance trophies.  I loved competing, I even loved putting Vasoline on my teeth to make sure I smiled onstage.  I was addicted.   I only quit when my school and theater obligations got to be too much and I still regret it.  Not because I was some great dancer.  I wasn't.  I was proficient but I've known many people in my adult life who are way better dancers than I am even though they've never taken a dance class and I started when I was three.  Nope, I was never the best dancer but I loved it.  It was something that brought me a lot of joy and I wish I'd kept it up.  Every once in a while I'll take a hip hop class at the gym or play Dance Dance Revolution and that's fun.  But, my days of executing fan kicks and doing wings are sadly over.  I plan on taking every dance class available at my retirement home, however.  Yeah, I'm gonna be that chick.  Totally gonna shake my old ass to Garbage in the common room while Tim's taking a nap.

*photo by Dad Alvey.