Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Little Red & Wednesday Addams

Happy Throwback Thursday and more importantly, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  I had to really dig to find this picture.  I'm glad it exists because I loved that costume but also because I don't seem to have any other Halloween pics from college or my first few years in Los Angeles.  If I did have pictures, they would all pretty much be me as a vampire or Slash from Guns n Roses over and over again.  Oooh, but I was a Naughty Nurse one year so that was a little different.  (My boyfriend was Dr. Feelgood.  I know.) I'm sure someone somewhere out there has photos of me in these terrible costumes but I do not.  We just didn't take that many pics back then. We didn't have cameras on our phones (It was the late 90s) and we were usually carrying bags too tiny to fit an actual camera.  We didn't even think about pausing our fun to document it.  I'm sure someone took this picture and then gave it to me later.  It was a really fun night so I'm grateful to have it.

My friend Angel is dressed as Wednesday Addams.  Angel is one of the cutest girls I've ever known so she could've rocked literally any costume but this one was just so freaking perfect.  How adorable is she?? I was Little Red Riding Hood.  It was a cheap costume, just a red satin skirt and a cape with a hood. I added the bow and the choker.  Couldn't really afford much on my cocktail waitressing tips but this wasn't bad for something that came in a plastic bag.  I carried a basket filled with candy around the bar we were at (I think Formosa?) and made loads of new friends.  It was kind-of genius because Angel and I didn't pay for drinks all night plus we had candy whenever we wanted it and, um, when don't you want candy?

I miss being young and crazy and staying out all night handing out candy to strange men in bars.  Sigh. I hope your Halloween is amazing and safe, no matter what you're doing.  We're gonna stay in and hand out candy to kids instead of dudes dressed like Mario and then watch scary movies.  HAVE A GREAT NIGHT, GUYS!


*photo by who knows but thanks to whoever took it!