Friday, October 25, 2013

Round Up: Jenny Lewis, Coyotes and Boba Fett

Round-up!  Round-up!  Round-up!  I just typed that blank faced and then after I wrote it, I sighed for a really long time.  Ha!  So, I'm not as excited as my exclamation points would have you believe but I am happy to be rounding up this week.  It was a week of fun and good news and of hanging out with friends.  Didn't suck.  So, here we go, a Round-up:
  • We saw Jenny Lewis at Largo on Monday. I've seen her perform a few times.  Once with Rilo Kiley at The Greek, once solo at The Greek and once as half of Jenny & Johnny at The Palladium. This was by far my favorite performance, though, and I think it was the venue.  (Because Jenny Lewis is always great live.  Always.  She might even sound better live than she does on her albums if that's possible.  Holy crap, is anyone cooler than Jenny Lewis??  Okay, I'll stop.  But just because I'm afraid if I don't stop soon I'll just sit here and write about Jenny Lewis all weekend.)  Anyway, if you're in L.A. and you haven't been to Largo, go!  It's small and awesome, like you're in a school auditorium.  Also, they don't allow you to use cameras or cell phones during the show.  Like, if you take out your phone to get a pic, you'll get kicked out.  Amazing!!  We all know how I feel about people who take too many pics at shows. (Stabby.  I feel stabby.)
  • We've already had several people over to the new place, which is a big difference from our old condo, where our downstairs neighbor would complain if I sneezed at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday.      We even saw a friend who was in town from Hawaii, which was cool.  We walked down to the bar, drank, and walked back up to the new place and drank.  A perfect evening!  Hogie loves having people over because he's a super social party animal.  (See above pic.)
  • We think we might get trick-or-treaters this year.  We're not sure but I'm going to buy a TON of candy just in case.  Because, you know, what if we get thousands of kids at our door and we don't have enough candy and they pull some tricks on us?!  What then!  And, I mean, if we have extra candy I guess I could just eat it or something.  The big problem is what to dress Hogie as.  I wanted to get him a Boba Fett costume but Tim said no way because I guess he thinks Boba Fett is overrated but I was only picking Boba Fett because I couldn't find a good candy corn or vampire costume for him.  The hotdog costume (above) is too big for him now because he's so svelte and sporty.  But, I have a week, guys.  I have a week.
  • Speaking of Hogie, he's been a pretty good boy in the new place.  But, he's been having some adventures.  We've seen some coyotes cruising our street and we think Hogie is wary of them.  Usually he'll run outside for his last walk, which is usually around ten or so.  But the other night, he wouldn't head out into the dark.  He refused.  Either he's being a creep or those coyote dudes were hanging out in our yard.  Also, I've found pawprints on the dining room table and the kitchen table.   Apparently when we leave, Hogie spends his time walking around tables.  Because of course he does.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!  (That exclamation point was super sincere.   Promise.)