Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why I Heart Ewoks

I said I'm open to requests and guess what, guys?  I got one!  Whoop! Anonymous wants to know why I love Ewoks.  Not to be bitchy, Anonymous, but, WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!  But since Anonymous was nice enough to reach out and make a request, I'm gonna explain my love for Ewoks.  If this were a Vine, I'd express my love in the form of interpretive dance but I don't Vine, I list.  So, here we go.  5 Reasons I Heart Ewoks:

1) Because bears. 
I was, am, have always been obsessed with bears.  My childhood room was 90% stuffed bears.  (The other 10% was blow-up Gumby, natch.)  I love to eat gummy bears.  I tweet about bears.  Anyway, Ewoks are little bears.  Little fuzzy bears who happened to show up in the final installment of my favorite movie series.  I showed up at the theater in my Leia buns and left OBSESSED with Ewoks. 

2) Because they're fierce.
Ewoks are little badasses.  They wreak much havoc with spears and slingshots.  I mean, would the Rebels have won without them? Plus, how cute are they with their tiny spears?!  Soooo cute.   Ee chee wa maa!  Translation:  Wow, gee wiz! Which brings me to #3:

3) Because of Ewokese.
These adorable badass teddy bears have their own language.  Which is why sometimes I say, "Eeep!" in public instead of "Yikes!" and why I yell out "Yubnub!" (Hooray!) during Cowboys games and happy hours and, you know, weddings.

4) Because the toys were cool.
The only Star Wars toys that survived my childhood were a couple of Ewoks and a Princess Leia.  Because they were awesome.  They were cute (totally fit in your pocket) and they had itty bitty plastic spears and you could remove their hoods.  Also, the stuffed animals were cool.  I slept with a stuffed Wicket for years, y'all.  

5) Because Ewoks know how to party.
After the Battle of Endor, the Ewoks put on one hell of a shindig. They coatee-cha so hard.  I imagine partying with Ewoks would be sort-of like partying with hobbits except that I'd probably keep picking them up and hugging them and cooing, "Who's a good bear-face?" at them.

There you go, Anonymous!  Teeha for your question.  Hug an Ewok today!  

*Click here for more Ewokese.
*Amazing photo of all things good (duh, Spike, Chibs), including Wicket by my amazing pal, @kramediggles.