Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Creeps In Cardigans

Happy Throwback Thursday!  This is one of my favorite pictures of all time because it's with one of my favorite people of all time (My pal Roberto, who always makes faces or does something ridiculous in photos and always ends up looking cute anyway) PLUS I like everything that's happening here.  I'm going to guess based on my hair and Roberto's glasses that this is 2008-ish.  It's in the entrance to our current condo.  I think we'd just had a game night and we were posing for my old website, Drink Kendra Drink, where I chronicled everything I drank for a year by taking photos and noting who was with me, where I was, what candy it made me crave--okay maybe not that last one--and exactly what it was I drank.  It was like alcoholic narcissism on crack.  It was also a really interesting experiment but hard to keep up with.

For one, a lot of the time I'd lug around an actual camera with me for the photos (note the flash in the mirror behind us) because this was waaay pre-iPhone for me.  For another, it was sometimes embarrassing taking pictures with every cocktail I drank.  I mean, it was full-tilt obnoxious.  I skipped a drink on a plane a couple of times b/c I didn't want to have to selfie with a tiny vodka bottle.  But, the main reason it was kind-of a terrible idea was that keeping the website updated was a pain the ass.  If I were doing it today, I'd just make an Instagram and a Tumblr for it and update everything at once in seconds.  Oooh, with pretty filters.  I remember one of the rules of the project was 'No Vanity Do-Overs' on the pics so those filters would've come in handy when I had scary-face, which was, like 8 out of 10 pics.  I learned from that project that I am NOT photogenic and that it's OK.  I also learned that I drank way too much beer.  (I love you, vodka.)

One pal titled this photo "Hipster American Gothic."  I thought I was giving bored blank face but I actually look homicidal so I would call as "Creeps in Cardigans."  Cheers!

*photo by probably Monte but maybe Tim.