Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday: All About Edi

Hey hey hey, it's Thursday!  It's also my pal Edi's Birthday so this Throwback Thursday entry is all about Edi.

We always go out for dinner for Edi's Birthday and then we take a bunch of ridiculous photos.  I have at least 20 of these in various restaurants over the years.  I like this one a lot.  What are we looking at?  Edi's clearly about to get attacked by a very large monster.  I'm obviously super annoyed at something really short.  Maybe E.T. or a hobbit?  She's like horror movie scared for her life and I'm all, Ugh, what's up with that short alien ew.

This whole pic taking business frequently dissolves into a full tilt photo session where some poor person is given the task of directing us.  You know, like, "A giant baby just walked in the bar but he's very cute and holding a pet elephant!" or "You really have to pee and also you're trying to look sexy," or "You're a hungover teenager in Driver's Ed."  Then I end up with 20 pictures on my phone that would be SO AWESOME to put on a milk carton if either of us ever gets kidnapped.  (An almond milk carton, please people.)

I have quite a few favorites from all of our silly pics.  I chose this one randomly because they're all good and they all make me happy.  I've known Edi most of my life at this point.  She's sweet and smart and talented and seriously the funniest person I've ever met.  She's been a great roommate, an awesome bridesmaid, a seriously fun shopping buddy and my favorite lunch companion.  And while I might have just plunged off of the cheesy cliff and now I'm swimming in the schmaltzy ocean, I have to say that my life would suck without her.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EDI!  And Happy Thursday to all you guys.  I'm gonna go pick out which crazy face to wear to dinner.

*Photo by pretty sure Roberto, maybe Rox, 2006-ish.