Friday, September 13, 2013

Round Up: Condos and Houses and Ambien Oh Why

How is it Friday again?  I'm exhausted.  This week has been pretty non-stop and it's all blurred in my head because I haven't been sleeping well.  Too much going through my brain.  Last night I had two cocktails and a Benadryl and I was still wide awake at midnight.  Considering a lobotomy.  Anyway, it was a week.  Here's the Round-Up:

  • Remember how I was going to the infrared sauna?  Still doing that.  Went on Tuesday and actually felt pretty good after instead of all wasted tired.  I think it might mean that I'm done sweating out all that evil toxins.  On the other hand it might mean nothing at all.
  • I watched this rom-com called Failure To Launch. You know, it's got Sarah Jessica Parker making lots of faces and Matthew McConaughey, shirtless as shit.  It was cheesy but the thing that really freaked me was that every single character has blue eyes.  Seriously, casting person?  Every single character?  You mean to tell me not one brown-eyed person lives in this entire town?  It was spooky.
  • We're still looking for somewhere to live.  I'm stressed.  I'd like to find a place before we leave for London so I don't have to worry about it while I'm touring pubs and museums and pubs.  Is it too much to ask to find an absolutely perfect place in a perfect neighborhood that has every little thing I want?!  Gah.
  • We saw Twilight Zone Unscripted at The Falcon last weekend.  It's so good!  You can't even believe they're improvising.  If you live in L.A., go go go!!!  You can get tickets here if you want.
  • Oh yeah, today's our 10th wedding anniversary.  I looked it up and 10 years is tin or aluminum so I'm gonna get Tim some PBR.  Don't tell him.  Also, since it's Friday the 13th, I've booked us a great weekend getaway at a place called Camp Crystal Lake.  Hope he likes it!
  • I got to meet my Twitter friend, @kimholcomb, this week.  She's every bit as cool and sweet in person.  It's just amazing when that happens.  If you're on Twitter, check her out!  Here's a pic of us post-martinis. 
  • We got a bunch of offers on our place.  Did you know some people write letters?!  I had no idea. I feel like I'm Tyra and I'm choosing America's Next Top Model.  I wish we'd asked for their modeling portfolios.
  • It finally cooled off a tiny bit.  I'm celebrating by wearing skinny jeans.  It's a skinny jeans party up in here.  Wow, this party kinda sucks if I'm being honest.  It's just me and the dog and there's not even any snacks or drinks.  
That's about it.  Hopefully I'll have more to report next week as in:  yes, our place is sold and we found a fantastic place to move and I won the lottery and I'm sleeping like a baby on Ambien.  All that.  Have a great weekend.  Don't forget to root for America's Team!

*photo of Tim and I from this past March.  I know, I know.  I did the whole couple photo thing yesterday.  But, today's the actual day and IT'S TEN YEARS.  I promise I'll be back to regularly scheduled snark next week.