Monday, September 23, 2013

On Holiday

All right, mate?  Today we are off to London!  It seems like we've been planning this trip forever and it's a bit hard to believe it's actually here.  I haven't been in thirteen years and the first time I was there, I was in high school.  I bet it's changed.  I will not be posting blogs while we're gone.  In fact, I'm not even bringing my laptop.  It'll hurt to be separated but I need a break and hey, I don't wanna lose it again.

So, this is goodbye for 10 days or so.  Although I won't be blogging, I'll be Instagramming and tweeting and, duh, twerking.  Here's where you can keep track of me while I'm gone:

I promise to post lots of photos of pints and to do lots of tweets about how they call the bathroom "the loo."  It's gonna be hilarious, you guys.  If you're DYING for a little Kendragarden while I'm gone, check out the blog links to the right.  Maybe you missed a post or two?  You can also check out my friends' blogs: or or TheFoggiestIdea.  They'll keep you entertained.

Brb.  See you kids October 7th.


*photo of my super old scrapbook from when I first fell in love with London in the 90s.