Monday, September 2, 2013

Get Your Gummy On

It's Monday, which is supposed to be Rant Day but who wants to rant on a holiday?  Not me, that's who!  So, let's talk about something super important:  candy.

If you know me, you know there's two things I love:  vodka and gummy bears.  Because it's a holiday and because I am FESTIVE AS SHIT, I did a little research on how to make vodka bears.  And I'm gonna tell you how because I'm all about sharing.  And vodka.  And bears.  And gummies.

There are soooo many recipes online but what it really boils down to is that you get a bunch of gummy whatevers (bears, fish, worms, coke bottles, rhinoceroses, etc.) and you put them in a glass container.  The glass is apparently important because plastic does weird things after having vodka in it for days.  I completely understand this because I, also, do weird things after having a bunch of vodka in me for days.  You pour vodka over the bears.  The thing is that the gummies will soak up whatever you pour in there so the more vodka, the drunker the bears and the more they swell up so pour according to your taste and tolerance.  You put a lid or plastic wrap over the container and stick it in the fridge for three to five days.  A lot of the sites disagree on the time it takes.  I say, try it out after three days.  If they're all vodka-y and delicious, eat them.  If not, save them.  Yeah yeah!  I'm a vodka gummy genius!

Anyway, I'm totally going to make some of these today because what else do I have to do?  Have a fun and safe Labor Day.  Let me know how your vodka rhinoceros gummies go!

HA, I just kinda wrote a cooking blog.

*photo from Flickr.