Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 90s Spandex

For my first Throwback Thursday post on here, I had to go with a retro Christie and Kendra pic.  Yesterday, Christie and I celebrated 16 long years as Angelenos.  We celebrated with drinks and gossip, of course.  It should also be noted that our outfits last night were quite a bit, um, longer and way less Forever 21-y than those you see above.

First off, this pic is cut in a terrible oval because of a terrible frame I had from Ross Dress For Less.  It was lime green and it always fell over.  The frame broke but the photo survived.  I did a very good job of cutting, as you can see. Why is cutting so hard?  Down with cutting!

We are on Christie's bed getting ready to go out.  That's probably rum and Diet Coke in the all cool Coke Polar Bear glass (my only dishes until about age twenty-seven, thanks Aunt Brenda!).  We had to pre-party because we were broke as a joke.  We were so broke we only ate food I brought home from my waitressing job.  We were so broke, sometimes I had to walk the check for our electric bill into the electric company so we would have lights.  We were so broke we went to the grocery store with a calculator.  (Kids, we didn't even have iPhones!)

Who knows where we were going?  I'm gonna guess Viper Room but I'm not sure.  We only had a couple of going out outfits so we wore them all the time.  The dress I'm wearing was black spandex and had several little 3-D orange and yellow and pink butterflies sewn to it.   I thought I looked like a goth flower.  In actuality, I looked like a slut being attacked by butterflies. Pretty sure that's a pink fuzzy ball pinned into my hair.  Christie is sporting more 90s craziness with her clear plastic choker.  We also look quite tan.  Too tan.  It makes me uncomfortable looking at it.

Those shoes I'm putting on were from Payless. They were faux-leather.  I bought them my Junior year of college and then proceeded to wear them constantly until they literally fell apart a few years later.  (Did I mention we were poor?) When they fell apart, I cried because I knew I'd have to buy new black heels; can't live in L.A. without black heels.

In this picture, we're in our little apartment in Burbank.  It was decorated with a black and white futon and a When A Man Loves A Woman poster.  It wasn't much but I have really good memories from those days when I could wear Payless shoes and fuzzy balls in my hair and not give a shit.  Christie was and is a good friend to me.  In my early L.A. days, I really needed one and I will always be grateful to her.

And while neither of us would be caught dead in those outfits nowadays, we'd both still fit in them and, really, in the scheme of life, that's something, right?  It's an itty-bitty kinda stupid something but it's still something.  Oh, also, we're both still happy and healthy and love living in L.A. so there's that.  And that is also something.

*photo by I'm not sure but I'm gonna guess maybe Shea Martin? Circa 1998 or 1999.