Friday, August 23, 2013

Martinis, Moons and Converse

Happy Friday.  TGIF and stuff.  This week's Round-Up should be way better than last week's because a) I'm in a way better mood, b) there's a martini in the photo above and c) I'm listening to a cheesy 80s playlist right now because Spotify told me I couldn't listen to anymore sad beard rock or it would call the cops.  Spotify is kind-of a dick.  Anyway, it wasn't a bad week.  Good stuff happened.  Here's some things:

  • There was a blue moon on Tuesday night.  I happened to be on a rooftop in downtown L.A., hence the horribly grainy photo you see above.  I look like a drunk raccoon and that moon is soooo not blue but it was still super huge and pretty and fun to stare at so cheers, blue moon.  I liked your song on the Grease soundtrack.
  • The reason I was on a rooftop in downtown L.A. is that I was celebrating a friend's 40th Birthday.  I remember my bestie's stepdad turning 40 when we were kids and thinking he was the oldest dude in the world.  I remember tombstone decorations and black balloons.  I think martinis and twinkly lights are a much better way to ring in your forties.  Although, I want ewoks and candy corn for mine. Somebody write that down.
  • Condo is ready to go on the market next week.  Well, almost ready.  We're gonna clean the crap out of it this weekend.  I'm already thinking about the playlist.  Cleaning Shit Playlist coming right up.
  • The day I put up the rant about keeping your dog on a leash, Hogie and I were walking on a busy street when a girl opened her car door and four adorable dogs came rolling out.  Without leashes.  With tons of cars driving by.  One of them started humping Hogie, two ran off in the other direction and one bolted toward the road.  She caught the bolter and I have no idea what happened to the other two but the humper was treated to a growl and a couple of snaps from Hogie.  Leashes, people!  Leashes.
  • Tonight I get to see The Breeders do Last Splash in its entirety and I'm excited.  I'm like 90s excited, you guys.  Maybe I'll wear a flannel and put vodka in my Big Gulp just for the occasion. 
  • Went to a great happy hour downtown.  It was a downtown type of week!  I paused outside the ladies' room and took this photo, which earned me a dirty look from a girl with a cool robot tattoo.  Totally worth it.  Lights.  Shiny.
  • Got new Chucks!  Breaking them in this week.  I get a new pair approximately every 3 years.  The old ones are so trashed, I'm not even sure Goodwill will want them.  I've always had a pair since I was fourteen or so.  The best pair I ever had were sparkly ruby red patent leather Converse all-star low tops.  Wish I still had them.  
  • I STILL haven't taken my car in.  I know it's been a week but it's a recall and, you know, it's not like it's the brakes.  (I think it's about a window?  Maybe I should read the letter from Honda?) Probably I won't die over it so I'm sure everything will be fine.
  • Oh yeah, MY HAIR is way lighter!  You can't see it in that photo above because nighttime and all but my stylist and I are trying to get it back to its natural color, which is sort of a medium to light reddish brown.  It took hours because I've been dying it super dark for ages.  Lots of sitting at a bowl with chemically stuff on my head.  I don't have a good photo of it yet but you can kinda sorta tell in this one.  I'll get to work on that, promise.
  • You should watch this video right now for maximum awesome start to a happy weekend times.  Was that sentence English?  I dunno.  Just trust me.
*photo by Tim because I was all, ooooh look at that moon take a pic of me and he was all, okay without complaining because he knows me.