Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Dorky Santa

It's Throwback Thursday so I present: Dorky Santa.   Yes, I know it's August.

I think this is Sophomore year of high school.  I think that for a few reasons.  One, the pointy-toed Docs.  I wore nothing else that year.  Two, the album.  I was on an R.E.M. kick that year for sure.  (That album still kicks ass.) Three, I'm wearing a Santa hat.  Pretty sure I was too surly to wear a Santa hat the rest of high school.  In my family, whoever wore the Santa hat passed out the presents.  When I was little, I was always Santa.  That year it was probably reluctantly.  I seem to have a vague memory of my mom shoving the hat on my head and saying, "You're Santa!" in a firm mom-voice.

Those big bags behind me were our stockings.  My Meemaw, my mom and my aunts all tended to go a little overboard on the stocking stuffers so we needed something big for all the flashlights and fuzzy socks and candy canes.  Note the Kodak film in front of my cousin Kody's stocking.  Film!  For an actual camera!  Ha, classic.

I didn't know it then but I'm almost in half-lotus.  I used to sit like that because I liked it.  I still sit like that only now I have the obnoxiously good posture that comes from twelve years of yoga classes.  Now I sit like that with attitude.

The shirt is just amazing.  I think it was silk.  I wore it buttoned to the top, usually with a big gaudy brooch, although I can't see one in this pic.  It had big flowers on it and I thought it looked like something Robert Smith would wear.  I rolled my jeans so everyone could admire my slouchy socks and, of course, my shoes.

My parents still live in that house.  They have better dining room chairs to pull into the living room for parties now and there's no wood paneling on the walls but it's very much the same place I grew up.  Same smell, same general feeling.  The big fireplace is still there, thank goodness.

When I look at this, it makes me musically nostalgic.  I miss opening an album on Christmas day and being thrilled, just knowing you have something awesome to blast for weeks (or months) until you move on to the next album.  I miss getting crazy obsessed with bands. (Still sorta do that but there's too much good stuff out there to get tied down to one.)  I miss making mix tapes.  I miss playing a cd until it literally dies and then repurposing it as a beer coaster.

I do not miss that shirt, though.

*photo by my momarazzi.