Friday, August 9, 2013

Do Watcha Like

Dear Adorable Smart Readers,

They say to do what you love.  And, by "they," I mean pretty much everyone from Thoreau to L.L. Cool J.  I like this advice.  This is really close to my own personal motto, I DO WHAT I LIKE, YO.  I like/love writing about random shit.  I like/love it enough to do it every day.  So, I'm a-gonna.  Well, Monday through Friday anyway.

Starting next week, I'm going to try on a new blogging schedule.  I'm even gonna tell you guys what it will be so you don't get all surprised and clutch your pearls or pass out from joy or something.

Monday:  RANT DAY
Nobody likes Mondays and I always have plenty of things to go off on so I'll use this day to, you know, go off.

Tuesday: Random Tuesday
This is the day I get to blog about whatever I want, from books to Ryan Gosling to my love for rosemary Marcona almonds from Trader Joe's.

Wednesday:  Kendragarden Tells You What To Do
HA, an advice blog!  It's gonna be great, guys.  Super informative!

Thursday:  Throwback Thursday
I mean, of course.  You'll see.

Friday:  The Round-Up
This is where I give you a little bit of info about a whole lot of things.  I'll keep you guys updated on stuff like how I'm now calling Hogan McSmalls "Porge" (stay tuned!) and let you know what I ate on Wednesday and how I saw a dude wearing a Santa suit at Coffee Bean in August.  Important shizit!

So, there you go.  Thanks for reading this blog and caring about Hogie's nicknames and my candy corn eating habits.  Sincerely, thanks.  See ya' Monday.


*Photo of me by my lovely friend Rox.  It's relevant to this post because I'm wearing a hat and I love hats I DO WHAT I LIKE, YO.