Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hide And Go Freak

If you've ever met Hogan McSmalls, you know that when he gets excited, he gets really excited.  He gets 'we should put him in a helmet' excited.  He gets 'watch your feet and crotch' excited.  Dude gets stoked.

So, recently, when I realized he'd been lethargic all day, I started wondering when the last time we played was.  I figured out it had been days, maybe even a week since we'd wrestled or played fetch or since I'd done his favorite, the good ole' 'where is the toy' bit. (It's always behind my back.  Duh.) We hadn't done any of those things.  It made me sad.  Hogie's getting older and he's slowing down.  But, I know he still has that playful goofball nature in there somewhere.  But that day, he just wanted to nap.

I went back into my office to work.  I sat down at my computer and went over what I'd written that morning.  It was impossible, though.  I couldn't concentrate because my dog was flopped out on the living room carpet looking like he couldn't care less, like a bored emo dog in a black hoodie listening to The xx and saying, "Whatever."

I got back up from my desk and crept down the hallway to the living room.  I peeked my head around the corner and whispered, "Hogie."  He opened one eye, looked at me, then went back to sleep.  I walked around to the kitchen and stuck my head out like I was playing peek-a-boo with one of my nephews.  "Hogie,"  I said, a little bit louder.  This time he sat up and looked at me.  As I ducked back into the kitchen, I heard him get up and trot in my direction.  He came barrelling at me, running so hard that he spun out a little on the turn.  His face was excited, he looked like he was smiling and he just seemed so happy.

So, I, of course, crept into the hallway and hid in the bathroom behind the door.  Hogie walked slowly by, doubled back and bounded into the bathroom, ecstatic that he'd found me.  What a genius!  He jumped up on me, he wagged his tail, he paused for a moment to have a fit on the bathmat, rolling around on his back with his tongue out.  So, you know, I went down the hall and "hid" in the bedroom.  WHAT ELSE WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO, THE DOG WAS PLAYING HIDE AND GO SEEK WITH ME?!

And he was.  He really was.  He came and found me in the bedroom.  Then he found me in the office.  Then he took a joy lap around the entire condo.

He still plays with me, at least once a day.  It's the funniest, cutest, goofiest, noisiest thing you've ever seen.  Because he doesn't just find me, he gallops around the house and then attacks me when he figures out where I am.  He attacks with love.  He whines and growls and jumps up and down and licks my hands and my legs.  He wags his tail so hard it's like he's trying to take off like a helicopter.  He even waits patiently for me to be gone first, to hide, and only then will he run full-force, much to the annoyance of our downstairs neighbor.

So, yeah, I play hide-and-go-seek on the reg.  With my dog.  And he likes it.  He really likes it.

*photo by me