Monday, January 7, 2013

If You Love Something, Don't Freaking Lose It

I was separated from my beloved laptop for the last twenty days in a row.  If you saw me during those terrible twenty days and you're wondering why I didn't mention it, it's because I just couldn't.  Some things are so horrible, you can't even talk about them.  Losing your brand new Mac Air is kind-of like Voldemort, I guess.  So evil and horrible that it cannot be said aloud.

Before you pass out from sadness, let me assure you that my adorable laptop is back in my possession and I am typing on it right now.  But, it was a crazy separation, full of grief and sadness and longing.  It was an adventure.  It was a test of patience.  It was suckville.

I lost the laptop on December 13 at LAX on the way to visit my sister.  Tim was kind enough to put it in his carry-on for me.  Because it was in his bag, I thought he'd collect it after going through security.  Because it was my laptop, he thought I'd grab it after I zipped my up my boots and put back on my eighty-nine layers of clothing. But neither of us did.

It wasn't until we were sitting on our flight that we noticed my baby was gone.  I asked Tim to hand me my laptop.  He said, "I don't have it."  I said, "Of course you have it."  When we knew what had happened, my brain exploded but I kept it together.  I'm really proud of myself for not crying or screaming or running up and down the aisles as I frothed at the mouth saying, "She's gone  SHE'S GOOOONE!"

The flight attendant told us to call TSA when we arrived at our destination.  Because we got there at one in the morning, we had to wait until the next day.  TSA is open from 8 to 3 each day.  We called a total of 4 times before someone got back to us.  It took weeks, literally.  And we weren't able to pick up the laptop until January 3rd.  Merry Christmas, losers.  (Get it?  Because we lost our oh this is lame never mind bye.)

I survived two trips and the bulk of a month-long construction project in our house without my beloved Air.  There was no working at the coffee shop or on the plane or at the rental property in Palm Springs. There was no mirroring television shows onto our tv.  (I'm so behind on Supernatural, it's crazy.)  Guys, it was hard.  But, I got it back and the people at TSA were nice and the fact that no one took it kind-of renews my faith in humanity or whatever.  Well, I'm not as pissy now at least.

The last few days, this laptop has been hugged more than my husband or my dog.  Moral of the story:  Don't be a dumbass and lose your laptop, dumbass.

*photo by me of my pretty pretty baby before her adventure.