Thursday, January 3, 2013

12 Things I Learned In 2012

2012 started well enough.  I rang it in in Palm Springs dancing around like a crazy person with my friends.  I was wearing multiple hats.  I was happy.  The rest of the year was a mix of good and bad but mainly I feel like it was a transition year.  I think I finally found my footing in 2012.  (Not literally.  I fell down a flight of stairs that one time but you get what I mean.)

But, I learned A LOT.  After my crazy 2011, I was ready to grow and to laugh and to sing Kumbaya around a fire with people wearing a lot of hemp and linen.  I didn't do that exactly but I did learn these 12 things:

1) Mercury is best when it's in retrograde.  I was sick.  Now I'm not.  In 2012 I learned to trust my instincts and not to rest until I have answers to my health questions.  I had too much toxic mercury in my system and now it's gone.  Kumbaya, bitches.

2) On the health tip, I learned that I'm braver than I think I am.  I'm deathly afraid of needles but last year I had 23 IVs.  Now I don't even flinch when I have to give blood.  I'm like Dexter and stuff!

3) Hey, guys, in 2012, I learned that I'm a terrible date and I make shitty popcorn.

4) When people make fun of you for your blog or your Twitter account, just laugh at them.  In good ole' 2012,  I signed with a fantastic literary agent.  How did we get in contact? Twitter.  How did she know she liked my writing?  My blog.

5) Tim Curry is adorbz.

6) If you tell all your theater major friends that being a theater major ruined your life, it will most definitely spark some discussion.  Duh.

7) People are interesting.  But if you ask them a bunch of dumb questions, they're amazing and hilarious and fascinating.

8) If someone spills beer on you at, say, the Madonna concert in Dallas, be a nice person about it or you'll feel like an ass for weeks after.

9) It's okay to have a bunch of pet peeves as long as you make fun of yourself and post a terrible picture of yourself making a bitch face.

10) You should always always always speak up for what you believe in.  Especially when it affects people you love.

11) I'm a hobbit.

12) I'm going as a sexy dinosaur next Halloween.  Fo sho.

Hope you learned a bunch in 2012 too and I hope your 2013 rocks so hard that it makes you a little bit dizzy.

*Photo by Edi of Roberto and I busting so many moves.