Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Work It

Everyone knows it takes A LOT of creativity and hard work to be a writer. Ha!  Just kidding.  I think, if you like to write, the creativity is there.  And, obviously you're enjoying yourself so it's not like you're doing data entry or something.  I mean, suck it up and write something, dude.  But, I have a bit of trouble with focus.  I'm lazy.  I'm easily distracted.  I should probably be on all those fancy drugs my friends tell me about.  It'll take me three hours to set myself up to work for two hours.  I am not good at time management.  I am not good at buckling down and working.  I am not good at much, you guys.

I have friends who are amazing.  I like to meet them in coffee shops and work with them because they stay on task and get a lot done.  I mainly just copy them while I'm there.  I work work work check Twitter work work work browse Amazon work work work instead of googling "Pygmy goats" for two hours.  But, alone, it's harder.  Here is a list of what I've done this morning besides work on an outline and an essay I'm supposed to be writing:

  • Took a giant Sharpie and crossed through items on a To Do List from 3 weeks ago.
  • Made my bed.  
  • Instagrammed my kale/carrot juice because people really care about kale/carrot juice.
  • Took a DayQuil.
  • DM-ed 4 people on Twitter.
  • Went to Amazon.  Put The Passage, The Twelve and 11/22/63 in my cart.  Talked myself out of purchasing them just yet.
  • Went to Hautelook.  Put a pair of AG skinny jeans in my cart.  Talked myself out of purchasing them just yet.
  • Walked to Coffee Bean.  On the way took three photos of weird street art on telephone poles.
  • Talked to a guy at Coffee Bean who had just met a guy with the exact same name who was from his small hometown in Iowa.  Shit is cray.
  • Walked home.  Smiled at a cute guy.  Pretty sure it looked creepy but we were the only two people out walking around and I was trying to be nice and oh crap, I hope I never see that dude again.
  • Went on Facebook.  Posted a friend's article on my page, wrote some mushy stuff on my other friend's wall.  Commented on some photos.  You know.
  • "Liked" a Buzzfeed article which was seriously just a photo of a dog photobombing another dog.  Good work, author of that post!
  • Took another DayQuil.
  • Wrote a bad tweet about Freddy Krueger.
  • Deleted a bad tweet about Freddy Krueger.
  • Made it look like the donkey on my desk is eating the mini tree on my desk.
  • Started a playlist on iTunes but so far it's just Cloud Nothings songs.
  • Checked Instagram.  People actually liked my kale juice pic.  Ha!  People are so nice.
  • Wrote this dumb blog which is weirdly like the last blog I posted in that it's a list of dumb shit I did and makes me look like a crazy idiot.  LOL!
Okay, I guess that's enough procrastination for today.  You know what?  I'm not even gonna post this until tomorrow because I'm so procrastinate-y.  Take that, world!  I guess I should go do some real work.  And maybe order those jeans.

*Dumb juice photo by me haha you had to see it again!