Friday, December 14, 2012


Gorgeous smart Kendragarden-reading people,

Did you guys know I have a new(ish) weekly column on The Impersonals?  Well, I do, and I LOVE doing it.  It is way too much fun to be considered work.  It's like eating pizza with puppies while listening to Jenny Lewis.  It's called TWITTERVIEWS.  I highlight a different awesome tweeter every week.  I tell you why I love them, show you a few of their tweets and then I ask them ten questions and they give me ten answers.  Everyone I've interviewed so far has been amazing and hilarious and super cool.  So far I've done 14 and it's been MAGICAL, y'all.

Click here to check out past Twitterviews and make sure to drop by The Impersonals every Friday to see who I'm interrogating.