Friday, November 9, 2012

Toy Corn

We've been doing this for 45 minutes straight.  If I stop, he grumbles and gives me side-eye.  I'm prepared to do it for an hour but after that, he's shit out of luck.

The thing he's fetching is a toy corn on the cob.  It came in the toy lobster dinner he got for Christmas last year.  Originally there was a toy lobster, a toy baked potato, the toy corn and a toy lettuce/salad rope thing.  Only the lobster and the corn remain but the corn is his favorite.  I'm surprised he doesn't dump this in my lap when I'm sleeping.

I really like that a freaking squeaky toy corn on the cob is his favorite toy right now.  I think it's weird and funny.  But, I'm getting a little bored with fetch and I'm hoping he'll decide to go knock over trash cans or something.