Saturday, September 1, 2012


I just realized that 5 years ago today, we moved into our condo.  It was a big deal for me.  The first place I've ever owned and the first place the husband and I have owned together. There were so many papers to sign and so many things to fix.  (The photo above shows us replacing horrible maroon fuzzy carpet in a bedroom with cork flooring.)  

That day Los Angeles was in the middle of a heat wave.  There were record highs on the day we moved in.  103 degrees at one point.  By the time we'd gotten everything inside, everyone was drenched in sweat.  Then we had three days of blackouts.  We put a mattress in front of our balcony screen door and spent the nights hearing a lullaby of sirens and helicopters.  We ate dinner by candlelight like a couple from a terrible 80s movie.  We were really really happy like a couple from a terrible 80s movie.

Now, 5 years later, the place is exactly like we want it.  No more things to fix or papers to sign.  We're still happy and I feel extremely grateful to be living where I am with Tim and with Hogan McSmalls.  I think it deserves a little tip of the hat.

We have plans with some friends tonight.  Nothing big.  Just dinner and drinks.  But I'm glad we're doing something celebratory-ish even if neither of us realized it was the 5-year anniversary until most of the day was gone.

Cheers to our little place in the world.  Hat tip.