Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aloha, Y'all

Tim's cousin came to stay with us recently and we got to talking about our wedding.  She was twelve at the time, an extremely adorable kid in braces.  I remember her running around the reception wearing one of the straw cowboy hats and Hawaiian leis we gave out.  (Tim's family is from Hawaii, mine is from Texas.  Our theme was Aloha, Y'all.  You can tell it was a very fancy affair.)  I told her I would dig out some super cute pics of her and her sister dancing with their grandpa and send them to her.

While I was looking for these particular photos, I looked at everything.  Of course I did.  (And there are hundreds of photos, you guys.)  I couldn't help it.   I decided I'd pull out a pic of Tim and I for today.  Because today is our 9th Anniversary.  Nine freaking years!  That little girl in braces is twenty-one now.  And, Tim and I are definitely older.  But, here's the thing that struck me about the pictures from that day:  We're laughing in every single one of them.

Not to get too mushy but it's been nine years of laughter up in here.  Ten if you're counting from the day he proposed, which is easy to do because Tim proposed (in Paris!  Squeal!) on September 13th, 2002.  When we had to come up with a wedding date, we thought, why not make it the same day, so we got married exactly a year later.  It's all very easy to remember, which is good because neither of us can ever recall how long we've been married or together or whatever.  When someone asks us, it's usually very awkward as we say, "Ummmm" and look at each other blankly.

Tonight we're going out to celebrate.  We'll have some drinks and talk about how lucky we are.  But, we don't really need to do that.  Or I don't.  I feel lucky every day.  I feel lucky for the obvious reasons but also, when I think about that day, I feel lucky for less obvious ones too.  Our entire families were there that day on both sides.  We're still close to everyone who was in the wedding.  (I talk to my three bridesmaids pretty much every day.)  I figure, no matter how much I tend to mess up everything else in my life, at least I have that.  At least we have that.  We must be doing something right.

So, I will stop this before I make you puke.  In summary, I am grateful.  We are laughing.

I am grateful we are still laughing.

*photo by the amazing Lori Needleman.