Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Trails

Hi Y'all,

Early tomorrow morning we are off on our road trip!  I'm pretty excited.  I usually travel a lot but I haven't left California since last September.  (Last September was an insane travel month for me with lots of crazy stuff happening.)  I think I broke my travel bone so I hunkered down in my state and refused to budge for almost a year.  No planes.  No airports.  No stress.

But now we're going!  And we're going old school.  We're kicking it Griswold-style, you guys.

I'm spending today packing, making awesome road trip playlists and purchasing lots and lots of snacks.  (I'm thinking Bugles and Red Vines.  Yeah!)

I will not be blogging or Facebooking or Tumblr-ing on the trip but I will for sure be tweeting and taking loads of indulgent photos of redwood trees and space needles and myself eating Red Vines.  If you want to follow along, check these sites for updates:



If not, see you later in the month.

Miss you already.

Happy Trails,


*photo by Dawn Endico.