Friday, May 4, 2012

He Rocked Well

In 6th grade, I heard "Fight For Your Right" for the first time.  What a freaking badass anthem for a rebellious 12-year-old.  I fell in love with those three boys from New York then and there.  Later in the year, my friends and I memorized all the words to "Paul Revere" and performed it on the playground at recess.  I was Mike D.  I thought I was so awesome.

Beastie Boys have been my soundtrack to nights out, road trips, study sessions, make out sessions and countless workouts.  Check Your Head got me through high school and college.  Every single time I go to karaoke (at a joint called The Brass Monkey, no less), I do "Paul Revere."  I do all three parts.  I do it out of love.

I've seen the Beastie Boys a couple of times in concert.  They were always amazing.  One of the best concert moments of my life was at The Forum in Los Angeles.  They started in on "Paul Revere."  "Noooow, here's a little story I got to tell," and then just stopped and held out their mics.  To the audience.  Of thousands of people.  I stood in a stadium with thousands of Beastie fans and we rapped THE ENTIRE SONG in unison.  The entire song.  MCA thought it was hilarious.  He kept laughing.  When I looked around, everyone was smiling.  Everyone knew all the words.

It still gives me chills when I think about it.

I can't imagine my life without the Beastie Boys.  I'm super saddened that MCA is gone and I hope his family and friends feel the love today.  He was one of the best, most distinctive voices of our generation and we'll miss him.

What's the time?  It's time to buy ale.

*photo by JacobEnos.