Monday, April 9, 2012

Winning Easter

My mother was a master of the Easter basket.  My sister and I would wake on Easter morning to our Easter baskets laid out on the hearth of the fireplace.  We would know whose was whose because it would be clear!  If there was an elephant, it was Crystal's! If there was a bear, it was mine!  They were always similar but just personalized enough. Crystal always got up before I did, figured it out and then bounced into my room to wake me up and show me.  I'd usually throw something at her before begrudgingly following her into the living room.  Most of the time, the baskets consisted of a stuffed bunny instead of a bear, some books and some candy.  Oh the glorious Easter candy!  Chocolate bunnies and malted eggs and jelly beans and Cadbury Cream Eggs and Peeps!  When we got older, it was makeup or purses in the baskets instead of stuffed animals but the candy kept on coming.

(It keeps coming until abruptly you "grow up" and the candy stops!  And then your soul gently weeps as you talk yourself out of buying pastel M&Ms at the grocery store and sadly purchase a frozen organic tofu dinner instead.)

So, anyway.  I loved Easter.  I particularly loved the Easter bunny.  He was almost better than Santa.  The bunny didn't care if you'd been good or bad all year!  You didn't have to ask that rabbit for ANYTHING!  He just gave it to you!  I mean, yeah, he hid the eggs in the yard and that was kind-of tricky and impish of him, but really, he was a very rad little rabbit.  He brought Easter baskets and candy and awesomeness!  He was fuzzy and cute!  He hung out with baby chickens!!!

In some ways Easter was even better than Halloween!  I mean, I liked dressing up in a costume.  I liked looking "scary" as a witch or a vampire. But, on Easter I got to look pretty!  I got to wear a big fluffy dress and shiny white patent leather shoes and socks with lace on them.  Sometimes I got to rock a bonnet!  We'd go sit in the pews of my grandfather's church.  While I listened to his sermon, I'd pretend I was a fancy adult LADY PERSON!  With amazing ruffly clothes and a little white bag that I kept fancy adult lady lipstick in.  I'd look down at my shiny white shoes and swing them back and forth.  I knew that if I was good, there would be a big dinner afterwards followed by an Easter egg hunt.  And, here's the deal, I would win that hunt.  I always won that hunt.

Hunting for eggs is way cooler than asking for candy on Halloween.  On Halloween, adults just give it to you when you ask.  But on Easter, you have to work for it.  You can be the best!  You can get more eggs than the other kids and find all the good spots and beat your little sister to the hard marshmallow-y ones wrapped in clear plastic even if she cries and THEN YOU WILL WIN EASTER!

I won Easter every year, you guys, and I did it without scuffing my fancy white shoes.

Nowadays, I usually don't even know it's Easter until the last minute.  The days of the Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets and bonnets are long gone.  And, I'm cool with that.  I like to remember how fun it was way back when.  I don't need to know when Good Friday is or go to an Easter party.  (Although, full disclosure, I have been known to go to an Easter party. I have a friend whose thing is that she drinks champagne out of hollowed out chocolate bunnies.)  However, I'm okay with letting it go.

But, I do know one thing.  All Easter candy is half-off today, people.  See you in the candy aisle.