Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 Fictional Characters That Made Me Who I Am

I know I'm supposed to say that I'm a unique individual who is unlike anyone else.  I should assume I was born with this personality.  Like, if I'd been raised in a forest by, um, bears or something, I would still be a yoga-doing socially awkward free spirit with a penchant for run-on sentences.  But, the truth is, I'm a product of my environment.  There's no escaping it. I grew up in Texas listening to Kenny Rogers and worrying about whether my bow matched my jellies.  I'm an 80s and 90s creation.  True, when exposed to a bunch of things, I gravitated toward some things (moody emo music) and was repelled by others (line dancing). But, still, aspects of your personality come from somewhere.  For me, it was mainly from the fictional characters I adored.  (They were so much more interesting than my lawn-mowing neighbors or the customers I seated at Chili's.)

So, for today's list, I present:  10 Fictional Characters That Made Me Who I Am.  This is so self-indulgent that even my BLOG is embarrassed, you guys.  Yay!  Let's do it.   (For long time readers, I have left out Robin Hood and Stephanie Zinone because of this blog.  These ten are a new ten.)

1) Veronica Sawyer  I saw Heathers right as I was transitioning from kid to teenager.  I saw it at my friend Effie's house when I spent the night.  Veronica Sawyer had a power I didn't have but wanted.  I never murdered any cheerleaders after watching this film 200 times but I will cop to wearing the white sock/mary jane combo way too much and chain-smoking as I snarled at people.

2) Gilligan  I was a latchkey kid.  I would hurry home to watch reruns of Gilligan's Island after school.  It was the best part of the day.  I liked Gilligan.  He was always messing things up, yeah, but he was sweet.  I figured if I was sweet and silly, people would forgive me for anything.  Things haven't worked out exactly that way, of course, but I still think there's a little bit of Gilligan in me.

3)  Dr. Peter Venkman  He's a Ghostbuster!  He's snarky under pressure.  He sings songs at inappropriate times!  I turn into Venkman when drunk or when confronted by an angry neighbor.

4) Jem  Because I'm truly outrageous.  Truly truly truly.  Actually, if I'm being honest, I probably rooted for The Misfits a little more than I should have.  But, I owe my acceptance of my big hair and my love of magic earrings to good ole' Jem.

5) The Vampire Lestat  I read The Vampire Chronicles as a pre-teen and identified with the rebellious spirit of Lestat.  Sure, he was a 200-year-old vicious killer and I was a wimpy little girl in West Texas whose biggest act of dissent was dropping acid in a Toys R Us but I thought we were kindred spirits.

6) Iona  I remember watching Pretty In Pink for the first time and having the thought, I wanna be Iona when I grow up.  She was a hot, cool older chic who took fashion risks.  She owned a record store!  And, while I haven't ever tried liberty spikes, I think Iona inspired me to say, "Fuckall," and wear what I want.

7) Vickie  Oh yeah, Reality Bites! I love love loved Vickie.  She was fun and witty and carried a lunchbox as a purse.  I think she might be responsible for me taking a job folding sweaters at J.Crew in college and I know she's influenced my late night dancing in convenience stores for sure.

8) Dr. Frank N. Furter  I've been watching Rocky Horror Picture Show my whole life.  Frank N. Furter is 100% the reason I'm now a corset-wearing transvestite from Transylvania with a satanic mechanic.

9) Atreyu   The Neverending Story is still one of my favorite movies.  And, Atreyu was the shit.  He was the chosen one!  He battled The Nothing!  He named a princess! HE HAD HIS OWN DRAGON!  I think watching this over and over made me decide I was really tough.  It's probably also why I like gaudy gold necklaces.

10) Grumpy Bear  This Care Bear is who he is and he don't give a shit, y'all.  I heart Grumpy Bear.  I channel Grumpy Bear all the time.  He and Gilligan are battling it out right now in my subconscious.

Okay, there you go.  That felt like a therapy session meets a slumber party.  What characters made you who you are?  Lay it on me!

*photo by srslyguys.