Friday, March 9, 2012

9 Best Things To Do With An Extra Hour

Sunday we get to Spring Forward.  We get to lose an hour.  We get to be late to our brunch dates without getting in trouble.  As a kid, I always liked Spring Forward better than Fall Back.  Fall Back meant school and homework and darkness falling earlier (less bike riding time.)  Spring Forward, however, meant Spring Break and flowers and Easter baskets full of jellybeans.

I never could really wrap my brain around why we had to lose or gain an hour.  The concept was completely surreal and magical to me.  But, whatever.  Like it or hate it, I set my clocks the night before just like everyone else.  This Spring Forward, I started thinking about that hour.  I like the thought of an "extra" hour.  I realize we're not getting an extra hour on Sunday.  But, I made a list of the best things to do with an extra hour anyway.  Of course I did. What?  Don't bring me down!

Here we go:

1) Do it.  Get freaky.  That had to be number one, right?  Yes, do that.

2) Play with puppies.  Or kittens.  Or baby bunny rabbits.  Go to the pound or your friend's house or bust some pups out of a testing lab and get all up in those fuzzy little punks.  Think of the stress relief! THINK OF THE FUZZINESS!

3) iTunes Spree.  Open up a bottle of wine.  Give yourself twenty bucks to spend and set a timer for an hour.  Only buy songs, not albums.  Get crazy with the tunes.  It's a very fun game.  I play way too often. Last time I ended up with some really sweet ballads by some really rad hair bands.

4) Pie Off.  Grab three or four friends.  Go to a place with awesome pies.  Everyone orders a different type.  Then you all try each slice and vote on the best one.  Delicious and cost efficient!

5) Shoe shopping.  Do you even know how many pairs of high-heeled booties you can buy in an hour?!

6) Practice faces in the mirror.  This is really fun.  Especially with vodka.  You can do it yourself or you can have a pal yell out directions like, "Shocked indignation" or "You just got bit by a vampire bat," or "You just saw Ryan Gosling and he spilled a latte on his crotch!"  This game is also very fun with your phone.  Take pics.  Every dinner I go to with my friends eventually disolves into a version of this game.  We never get sick of it.  There are more "reaction face" photos in my iPhoto library than anyone wants to look at.

7) Bake a cake.  Or, in my case, my specialties are cookies and cupcakes.  Most things take about an hour.  Give your creation to a neighbor or friend.  Or, you know, eat it.

8) Bubble Bath.  I recommend a beer, some good music, a couple of candles and the new issue of some lame fashion magazine.  I look at each page and pick what I would get if I could have anything for free.  This is one of my favorite ways to spend an hour.  Almost as good as number 1.

9) Face time.  Face time or iChat or Skype your nephews or nieces or parents or friends in another state.  Skype Grandma.  It'll end up being fun and you'll probably only use part of your hour.  You can use the rest of it to catch up on my blog.

Have a kick-ass Spring Forward, everyone.  If my brunch date is reading this, I won't really be late, lady!