Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Every Day Is Like Fun Day

I'd like to start this blog by wishing everyone Happy Oatmeal Month.

Yesterday was National Peanut Butter Sandwich Day.  (I ate one.)  The day before that was National Pie Day.  (I had apple pie for dinner.  I'm really patriotic.)  January 23 was also:  my nephew's 3rd Birthday, National Handwriting Day and National (not making this up) Measure Your Feet Day.

Every day is a holiday, you guys!

I'm pretty stoked for the rest of the month because January 27 is National Punch The Clock Day, January 29 is National Cornchip Day and January 31 is National Popcorn Day!

Just think, you could go through an ENTIRE YEAR celebrating whatever bizarre holiday falls on each day.  It could be 365 days of party time.  No more waiting between New Year's and Valentine's Day!  No more boredom!  No more post-holiday let down!  I THINK WE CAN DO THIS, GUYS!

For instance, on April 3rd, I think everyone should celebrate Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day.  Forget Columbus Day!  This holiday is about not going to work!  Then, later in the month when you get in trouble for missing work, celebrate National Blame Somebody Else Day on April 13th.  You can get a mad sugar rush on April 22nd for National Jelly Bean Day.  April is normally a boring snoozer of a month, but if you're celebrating these awesome holidays, it can be an excellent rager!  For America!

Here's some others I really don't want you guys to miss:
  • February 28th is National Public Sleeping Day.  I'm thinking Starbucks.  They have those cushy couches and people sleep there all the time anyway.
  • March 2nd is Old Stuff Day.  Maybe you should visit a Nursing Home?
  • May 20th is Eliza Doolittle Day.  I'm going to celebrate this by singing loudly with a cockney accent in the middle of downtown Los Angeles.  
  • July 14th is National Nude Day.  Maybe you should visit a Nursing Home naked?
  • November 4th is National Waiting For The Barbarians Day.  I think you could probably wait for them by drinking wine and eating pizza maybe.
  • December 8th is National Take It In The Ear Day.  I don't need to know how you celebrate this one.
Hope this enhances your life in a very meaningful way.  I wish you Happy National Macintosh Computer Day.  I celebrated by writing this poignant blog on a Mac.

*Bizarre holiday list provided by ThinkQuest and BrownieLocks.
*Yummy photo by Venus Oak.