Friday, January 13, 2012

10 Things I'd Marry Hard

I was driving the other day and a song came on the radio.  I thought, I still love this song.  I would marry this song.  Then I laughed.  Alone.  In my car.  Like ya' do.

It cracked me up because I'm always always saying I'm gonna marry things.  I get obsessed with things quickly, fall in love hard with people and places and things.  Since I'm happily married, I can't exactly joke about people I want to marry but things are fair game.

Here are some things I'd marry hard:

1) Movie theater popcorn.  Specifically, Arclight.  I love you.  Let's talk about this.

2) The Old School show on Sirius XMU.  If I'm in my car when this comes on, I feel like hugging it.  Or getting hitched to it.  Whichever.

3) Old book smell.  So sexy.  Everyone would be so jealous of our beautiful union.

4) Nutella Crepes from a street cart in Paris.  Je t'aime, Nutella Crepes.  I mean that.

5) This song.  And a lot of other songs.  I figure if I can marry one song, I can marry a bunch of songs.

6) That scene in Reality Bites where they dance around to "My Sharona."

7) Karoake.  No, really.  I'd marry karaoke.  It would be a very classy affair.  I'm thinking jello shots.

8) Concerts.  I would definitely marry concerts.  Specifically outdoor concerts.  That way our guests could bring their own seats and picnic baskets.  We could have fireworks!

9) Ole Henriksen African Red Tea See The Difference Serum.  It might seem lame and shallow to put a face serum on this list but you can't help who you fall in love with.  It smells like oranges.  Oranges!

10) Just Dance 3.  It's got to be true love when you know it's ridiculous but you love it anyway because your LOVE IS JUST SO STRONG!  Think of the dance floor at the reception!  And, we'd never ever get bored.  The Rhythm would get us!  We'd have Tiny Dancer babies!  Oh gawd, I'm sorry.  (Not really.)

I hope you're not too scared of me now.  I also hope you have an awesome Friday the 13th.  It's my favorite holiday of the day!

*photo by me of Pink Martini at The Hollywood Bowl.