Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rather Be Renting

First, a kitchen cabinet door collapsed on my arm as I was putting away glasses.  It was a space age-looking glass and metal job that stayed up with this fancy hydraulic arm thingy.  Well, it was fancy until it crapped out and maimed me.  One by one all of the cabinets were failing and we knew we'd have to do the unthinkable.

Go to Ikea.

We went.  Long story short, we went three times.  Three Saturday mornings IN A ROW.  We still do not have cabinet doors.  Why?  Because they discontinued those cabinets and then they sold us other doors that didn't fit and then they forgot to mention that the new cabinets are ever so slightly bigger.  Or smaller.  Or something.  We now have a pile of boxes in our dining room and our glasses and vases are just sitting there exposed for all the world to see!

Then, there was the whole ceiling falling down on our upstairs neighbors debacle.  Roofers forgot to tarp our building, leaving the entire roof exposed to rain.  Our H.O.A. is now dealing with damage to ten condos, including ours.  You won't catch me complaining to my poor neighbors considering we got the least of it.  But, having a big hole in the wall and ceiling of my bedroom is not how I was planning on spending November.

And then!  So, I went a little crazy a year or so ago and bought an adorable sea foam green (Favorite color since 3rd grade, y'all!  Ohmygawd, sooo cute, right?!) bench for our bedroom.  It's leather and cushy and you can put extra blankets in it and it looks fun and quirky in our purple room.  I love it.  It's one of my favorite things in the whole house.  Well, it broke.  Of course.  And, even though a bench breaking the least crazy house thing that's happened this past month, it made me sad.

So, I've been dealing like a real adult.  A trooper.  I've been doing a lot of deep, dramatic sighing.  Complaining to family members and friends.  You know, coping.  Yesterday, as I cleaned the ceiling dust and debris off our bedroom furniture and floors, I stopped every few minutes to flip off the hole in the ceiling because I am a mature and responsible woman of the world.

This Saturday we get to go to Ikea for the fourth Saturday in a row.  We get to go to the Returns and Exchanges section!  We get to walk through that warehouse again, dodging carts and children and people holding huge framed pictures of Audrey Hepburn.

I will be on my best behavior.  I will keep the sighing to a minimum and I will put my hands in my pockets to avoid flipping off a AKURUM/RATIONELL bookshelf or whatever.  But, if we can't find cabinets that work, I swear on this here blog that my eye-rolling will be OUT OF CONTROL!

So, there.