Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Magicky Magic

I got bored the other night and watched Practical Magic.  Now, of course,  I'm convinced that I'm a witch.  I'm not sure why I never got my invite to Hogwarts but I suspect it was a gross oversight.  Maybe my summons got lost in the mail?  Maybe my owl was drunk?  Maybe my folks couldn't afford the out-of-country tuition?

You probably need proof.  Muggles usually need proof.  Okay, here we go.  The other day, in the grocery store, I mentioned to my husband that I listened to an old Snow Patrol album earlier that day.  (I know, I admitted that in public!) The very next song played in ye ole' grocery store?  "Wow" by Snow Patrol.  Yeah, yeah, creepy, right?! Even creepier than the fact that I listen to Snow Patrol!

Then, we were on the beer aisle.  I asked him if he wanted anything because I'm an awesome supportive wife like that.

He said, "No, do you?"

I said, "I just want lots and lots of vodka!"  Then, we laughed.

We rounded the corner, where a dude at a table happened to be selling big bottles of vodka.  The dude said, "Excuse me, Ma'am, but can I interest you in some organic vodka?  We have it on special today and it's really good."


I didn't buy the vodka but I did laugh really hard until the poor guy was uncomfortable and red-faced.  He might have been a little freaked out that I hugged him and made him dance around the store with me but I don't think so.  I think we had a moment.

The next day, Tim and I were at one of our favorite diners.  They were playing Sirius Lithium or something all nineties alt-ish and we started talking about that decade's music in general.  I gave Tim shit for not liking grunge and he gave it back to me for my eclectic music taste in general.  He didn't mention Snow Patrol, which was really kind of him. He asked me who sang a really dumb song that came on and I said, "Deep Blue Something."  We Shazam-ed it and I was right!  (Witch!)  Then, I told him that the 20th Anniversary Remastered version of Achtung Baby is coming out soon.  What do you think we heard right after I finished uttering those words?


You guys, the moral of this tale is clear.  I'm controlling music and vodka.  I'm music and vodka bending and it is off the freaking hook.  There should be no doubt left in your mind that I'm a witch.  I know I'm late for Halloween but I'm hoping I can use my newly discovered powers at Thanksgiving and Christmas for good tunes and great cocktails.

Cheers and Abracadabra, Peeps!

*photo by programwitch.