Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm A Mac

My folks were techies.  I always thought of it as their "thing."  Some parents played tennis at the club, mine bought gadgets.  This came in very handy to a kid.  My dad was always the guy video-taping the dance recitals. My house was always the one my friends wanted to spend the night at so we could play Oregon Trail on the computer or Pac-Man on the Atari.  But, my mom!  My mom was the lady everyone in town called with computer questions.  Specifically Mac questions.

My mom was the original Mac.  She was the Mac daddy of Midland, Texas.  She was a computer teacher for the gifted program so she spent her days playing on computers and infecting kids with her enthusiasm. In her spare time, she taught herself everything she didn't know.  She read books about Apple, she attended conferences. Instead of a briefcase, she carried an ever-rotating parade of Apple tote bags to work.  There were Apple stickers everywhere.  Apple shirts.  Apple posters in her office.

My PC dad let her do her thing.  (However, in the last year, this dude has bought himself an iPad, an iPhone and an iMac desktop.  Don't tell him, but I think he got converted.)

Our household got it's first Apple computer in 1980, when I was five.  We think it was an Apple 2 but it might have been the Apple 2E.  My mother made sure my sister and I were proficient on the computer, insisting we learn every skill she thought we'd need, including typing, which I thought was a solid bore. (Now I do it all day long.)  Because of her reputation, everyone assumed I loved computers too.  I didn't.  I was one of those kids who automatically recoiled from anything her parents loved.  While my sister played on the computer, I stuck my face into a book and rolled my eyes.

Ironic since now I spend all my time on my iMac.

My mom sent me to college with an adorable little Mac Classic and a tiny printer.  This made me very popular in Butler Hall, since most kids had to go to the computer lab to write papers.  I could write mine at 3 a.m. the night before it was due, post keg party.  I could let other students use my computer if they bought me a pizza or a six-pack.  I loved that computer so much it was a little embarrassing.  She also gave me my very first laptop.  (There's a terrible photo of me hugging the laptop soon after opening it.  I'm hugging it so hard, it looks like someone gave me their firstborn child who was also made of gold and could shoot rainbows out of its ass.)

My entire life has been sponsored by Mac.  It's been an easier, cooler life because my mom was such an avid early supporter.  Yesterday, when I heard of the death of Steve Jobs, I thought about how fantastic it must be to know you've enriched the lives of so many people.  Then, I thought about my mom and how much she was inspired personally by the man.  And, in turn, she inspired me.

There are currently 9 Apple products in my household.  And, I simply could not live without any of them.

I'm a Mac.

*This post is dedicated to Mom.

**photo by cpw123