Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last night I was sitting on the couch watching the movie Contact for the first time.  (It only took me fourteen years to watch it.) Things were getting crazy in the film; Jodie Foster was in a pod about to go to another planet in another solar system and everything was shaking!  There were crazy lights and loud noises!  Jodie was grimacing!  There was a dramatic countdown:  10..9...8...7...

At 6, there was a giant boom.  My ceiling seemed to shake.  At first I thought, Oh wow, we have really good surround sound!  Then, when my husband came running in the room and I realized it happened in real life, I thought, earthquake.  But, it couldn't have been an earthquake because the ground didn't move.  It sounded like a bomb or some type of explosion.

We walked out on our balcony and all of our neighbors had heard it too.  Everyone was rumpled and baffled.  I went on Twitter and Los Angeles Times.  I googled "Los Angeles explosion."  Nothing.  I started wondering if aliens had landed in my neighborhood.  I mean, why not, right?  I mean, what other explanation could there be?!  That's when my husband walked out our front door and talked to our upstairs neighbor.

Here's what happened:  The roof collapsed into my upstairs neighbors' living room.  (Right over my head.) This is a young couple who just bought their first condo and they've been working hard to remodel it.  They had just gotten off of the couch and walked into the other room when it happened but their puppy was sitting there when the ceiling came raining down all around her.  The plaster missed hitting her by six inches.  

They've been replacing the roof of our building for a week now.  It rained yesterday and the company did not put up a tarp.  It was just a mistake and luckily no one was hurt but I cannot stop thinking about how horrible and inconvenient and just plain icky it is that my neighbors have to go through all this bullshit.

I watched the rest of Contact.  Eh.  Last night, real life ended up being much more dramatic and interesting than Hollywood.  Even with Jodie Foster's Oh My, I'm About To See Aliens face.  So I'm thinking our surround sound could use a little boost.  

I'm also thinking that I'm glad we're on the 2nd floor.  And that maybe our neighborhood could use a couple of aliens.

*photo of Invader's street art by joshbousel.