Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Don't Have To Be A Sock About It.

When my nephew was learning to talk, he called socks "cocks."  Everyone corrected him, of course. We also held up socks and asked, "What is this?" at family gatherings.  He would say "cock," and we would all laugh.  Then, he'd clap like he'd said something amazing. Which he had.

The problem is, although that was a lifetime ago to my nephew (he's 7 now), it doesn't seem that long to my husband and I.  Calling socks "cocks" is still part of our everyday jokey jokey repartee.  Well, maybe not everyday, but it does come up if I'm folding laundry or Tim is wearing a pair of his funky argyles.  "I like your cocks" is just the proper thing to say in that instance, you know?

We also incorporate other nephew-speak into every day conversations.  We have three nephews, after all, and they're all hilarious.  I imagine this will continue indefinitely and I can only hope we can refrain from doing this in front of other people.  It's like when I was obsessed with Battlestar Galactica and I told the girl who'd hit me with her car in The Grove parking garage to "Frak off."  Kinda embarrassing.

I figure I'll tell my eldest nephew's girlfriend or boyfriend the sock/cock story someday.  I figure they'll laugh.  I figure that's what aunts are for.

*photo by lisa weston.