Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Play Me.

Let's say you and I are hanging out.  We're chilling in a pub or sitting waiting for a concert to start.  We're trapped in an elevator or we got stuck talking to each other at a party because our significant others are chatting about work.  We might speak about the weather or sports or music.  We might make jokes about the crowd or our drinks or how crazy being stuck in an elevator is.  But, that's not really what I want to do.

I want to play a game.

Any game!  Especially if I don't really know you.  I want you to turn to me, drink in hand, and say, "Wanna play Top 5 or Fuck/Marry/Kill with Serial Killers?"  I want you to casually say, "Truth or Dare," instead of "So, are you in a football pool this year or what?"

My close friends know this about me and most of them share my love.  The other night at dinner, my pal Edi said, "Okay, so you're on The Road and you can only bring 5 people with you, go!" referring to the book The Road, which everyone at the table had read and loved.  I would have hugged her except I was holding a cocktail and I'm not really a hugger.

Last night, the husband and I ended up at sushi happy hour.  We were enticed into getting a pitcher of beer with our cheapy rolls by the smiling waitress and the ten dollar price.  After our sushi was gone, we realized we still had half a pitcher left.  What to do?  Top 5 of course!  We happily drank and pondered who of our family and friends we would pick to help us survive a zombie apocalypse.  (You have to go with the Eagle Scouts, the athletes and the ruthless killers, of course.) An excellent way to pass the time!

I'm not messing around here.  I want to know what you think about things.  I think you're interesting.  Yes, you.  I want to know what you would do if you had to spend an entire Saturday in detention but you got to pick four other friends to be in there with you.  Do you pick the friend that might have weed on them like Bender?  Do you pick someone you don't know well in the hopes of getting to know them better?  Do you pick me?  I want to know what five celebrities you would have sex with if you could and why.  I want to know your least favorite films.

I really want to know.  I find it all fascinating.  You can learn a lot about a person very quickly by playing a game.  More than a decade's worth of party chit chat.

On the flip, I love answering.  Give me some crazy messed up situation that I will never actually find myself in.  Now, ask me a question.  Bring it!  I will really think about this shit!  I could play for hours!  I neeeeeed to get it right.  What five food items I will bring to the desert island with me is important!  I care about what animal I would be reincarnated as.  I do!  Ask me!

Not that I don't get ever traditional with my games.  I've never met a game night or a pub quiz I didn't love.  Also board games, card games and puzzles.   Some of my favorite memories are sitting around with family at holidays and playing Hearts or Othello or Pente with a cousin, uncle or grandparent.  Some of my best nights centered around playing darts or pool or Touchmaster at a pub.  My heart fills with glee at a spirited round of Celebrity.  I will never give up at Trivial Pursuit.  Monopoly might drive me to tears but I'll keep re-mortgaging.

Games are just better than real life.  So, even though I do care about that trip you took, I'd also like to know what your first 'real' album was and what flavor of ice cream you would choose if you could only eat one for the rest of your life.

Starship ~ Knee Deep In The Hoopla.  Cookies n' Cream.

Your turn.

*photo by jeff_golden.