Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun With Flickr: Owl People

Here's the thing.  On Flickr, if you search under Creative Commons - licensed material then you can use other people's wonderful photos, as long as you give credit.  It is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes when I'm bored, I take two random words, stick them together and search Flickr.  Then I find the most amazing images.  Like this one.  The search?  "Owl People."

I'm 97% sure that what is going on in this photo is that the little girl with the headband/devil's horns thing sees dead people.  She clearly told her Dad that a ghost was hovering up by the right hand corner of the ceiling but he's not.  He's behind Mom who is taking the photo.  She's so clever!  Check out her knowing look!  And what about baby brother, who obviously sees the ghost too?  He's frightened but big Sis is used to it.  She looks at the camera nonchalantly, proud in the knowledge that she's duped Dad once again.

*photo by nicolas.boullosa.