Friday, December 4, 2009

Tweet Me

Last night I was telling Tim about a conversation I'd had with Roxane. I realized as I was talking to him that yesterday I communicated with her by the following methods: IM, Facebook, text and plain ole' telephone. It got me to thinking that there is absolutely no excuse not to get back to people these days. You can email, Myspace, Tweet or text. You can Skype, iChat or leave them a message on their blog or website or specialty site like Dailymile. You can call them, by golly! Then there are the old standards: snail mail and telepathy. Yeah, yeah, this communication wonderland we're existing in is pretty awesome but at the same time I find it all a little daunting. I've historically been bad at keeping up with people. If I lose track of a friend at this point, I've failed on over a dozen fronts. No more, I lost your number. Perhaps I will end up being a better friend and relative this way but it's still a little freaky if you think about it. Whatever. See you on Twitter.

*photo by mollybob.