Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On Bouncy Houses

I think once you hit your 30s, it's easy to let the Birthday excitement go.  You're not, after all, going to have a party with a clown or a bouncy house or goody bags.  After hearing about my nephew Logan's meticulous preparations for his upcoming Birthday party ("I want the cake to have a road and on that road should be Lightning McQueen and there should be a yellow balloon."), I got to thinking about what a big deal I've always made of my own birthday, at least in my head. As a kid I would start thinking about it right after Christmas, considering who should be invited, what the theme should be and what type of cake I should ask for.  As an adult, my expectations are much smaller, but I still have that excited little girl inside, wanting everyone to pay attention to me!  It's My Birthday!

Yesterday, I turned 34, which isn't particularly interesting to anyone in the world but me.  I realized as the day went on, how much it really means when people take the time to send you a text or an e-card or a FB message.  I realized how amazing it is to get a card that sings or one with a Wiener dog on it in the mail; how good it makes you feel when you call your mom and she bursts into "Happy Birthday" in the middle of Walgreens.  (Dork!) Getting one year older isn't such a great feat, anyone can do it.  But, it's a great excuse for people to let you know they think you're swell or that they miss you or that they think of you at all.  And, that in itself is pretty cool if you think about it.  Way cooler than bouncy houses or presents (although I did get some pretty awesome gifts!)

Above is a photo of the contents of an envelope I received in the mail from Logan.  He didn't make me the pictures because it was my birthday, he just made them because.   They happened to arrive the day before my birthday.  Logan is aware we share a birthday and he even said "Happy Birthday" to me on the phone yesterday, which is very gracious when you're 5!  I think, even at that age, he knows it's the thought that counts.  But, he still wants the bouncy house.  And, that's awesome too!  Bounce while you can, nephew.  Bounce it up.